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How are you guys?? Thank you as always for clicking on another Abdelkhalekleblog post!
One of my favourite things about winter is that I get to wear my cosy coats and one of the things I love most in blogging is finding new brands, new designers and represent them, I discovered JA last year, and I fell in love with the chic shapes, impeccable tailoring, beautiful fabrics and elegant simplicity. 
I am so excited about my latest collaboration with this awesome brand, and this is my second post about it ! You can read the first post here.
Wearing an awesome coat from one of her collections that I picked! This adorable red coat, It’s perfect for winter. It is so thick and cozy your body will never be cold! You can shop it I mixed it with zara jeans and my vintage brown shoes 

What do you guys think about this look? Hope you like the pics and thanks for all your comments and really I would like to thank you for spending daily time on the blog 

Stay With Me

Hello lovely readers, thank you as always for clicking on another Abdelkhalekleblog post !
I’m collaborating with Bornpretty.com, one of my online fashion store partners!
This was a beautiful relaxing holiday, I had lot's of time to take new pictures ! This is what I would normally wear on a weekend or on a holiday: colourful, stylish and comfy, with black boots under my feet. As I’m not a model, and not even close of being one.
The accessories are sponsored by Bornpretty they have different jewellery with a super clean,elegant designs! Choose the item that saws who you are, what makes you feel comfy and stylish, pick out a complicated designs of small rings and bracelets, Bornpretty is for sure one of the best shopping sites i have dealt with so many paying options and cheap prices and good deals it make it deserve a good spot in online shopping sites ! I do not know which is described with sentences or words but I know one perfect word, It's Amazing website You'll find everything you're looking for

I have a good news is, Everyone gets a 10% OFF coupon code for shopping on! With code: HHOT10
                                         Sunglasses sponsored by :  http://bit.ly/1CybQ8
Knitting Beaded bracelet by: http://bit.ly/15IckMh
         Knitting braclets sponsored by : http://bit.ly/1m7O1ih
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O’Bazzie Classics

Hello everyone, thank you as always for clicking on another Abdelkhalekleblog post and taking part in this contest! Do you know the shop O’Bazzie Classics ?? No? So, I'm going to introduce it to you in this 1st post because I picked a lovely satchel I will receive it very soon and I will share with you the full outfit on my next post.
About The company's home base is in Georgetown, DC of USA and founded by Ebenezer Obasiolu on 1 January 2013, O'Bazzië Classics offers simple, well-designed and classic leather accessories with a timeless fashion personality http://www.obazzieclassics.com/
The motivation behind O’Bazzië Classics was the death of the beloved grandmother of Ebenezer Obasiolu, the founder of O’Bazzië Classics. She lived in West Africa. The last time Ebenezer saw his grandmother was in 2004, he was twelve years old and relocating to America. Eight years later, his grandmother took ill and after several medical treatments, she passed away. Living in West Africa, modern-day medicine has its limitations and transporting the medically ill halfway across the world for a better treatment cost a fortune. Due to such misfortune, Ebenezer was not able to bring his grandmother to America for proper medical attention – he was just a twenty-year old college student. One year later, in January 2013, he decided that never again would he allow financial misfortune to cause a person to lose their loved one. With an international interest in becoming a beacon of hope and a higher ground for school children in need in Africa, O'Bazzië Classics was born. 

For the past year and half, they have been able to research on the perfect leather to be used in the production of the O’Bazzië Satchel, they have found and secured a seasoned American manufacturer in New York and New Jersey, they have produced and refined the O’Bazzië Satchel prototype and they have also successfully partnered with elementary school districts in Nigeria and Burkina Faso who are ready to receive the school supplies that will be sent to them at the purchase of each O’Bazzië Satchel. Also, in the same time period certain notable fashion retailers have shown interest in carrying the O’Bazzië Satchel in their stores. they are ready and set to go into mass production. They have the pieces to the puzzle and this is where you guys come in to add the most important piece: they need your help to be able to send their prototypes into mass production. With your financial help, they will be able to manufacture large quantities, reach more school in Africa and begin the prototype-making process for their second collection. Please support this mission by sharing this with family and friends alike and don't miss the O’Bazzië's fans page for new updates Here 
Wish you a happy weekend, remember to share with me what do you think about this post
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JA by Jelena Aleksic | Fashion Design

Hello everyone, thank you as always for clicking on another Abdelkhalekleblog post! How are you?? 
Today's post is about my newest collaboration with the young fashion designer Jelena Aleksic!
I am very glad to work with her and be his fashion blogger here in Morocco! Have you seen the Jelena Aleksic popping up on Facebook ? If you haven’t you should Here
Let me to introduce you Jelena and share with you her créations,
Jelena Aleksic is a young creative fashion designer from Croatia, with a focus on innovative, futuristic, wearable men and women clothes. Jelena is based in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied at University of Textile and Tehnology, Zagreb and graduated in 2011.
(Engineer of the textile and fashion design + School of Applied Arts and Design, Department of Textiles). A constructed & deconstructed design, working and playing with the asymmetry of the fragments that make up the clothes. Simple shapes with minimal cuts, materials and colors.

I invite you to watch this video:
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Hello everyone! Today I'm going to represent you my latest collaboration with this awesome brand
Les Bijouteries leading online shopping for Men and women Fashion, Fine jewelry, summer dresses,party dresses, Prom dresses, Pumps at LB online shopping
Their specialty is fine jewelry, celebrity and designer inspired handmade,custom and made-to order bespoke fashion and accessories.
Les Bijouteries local location; the customer can opt to have the item delivered 
to their home or arrange for an in-store pickup. Les Bijouteries find that this 
continues to encourage and maintain  online shopping model. Shipping is quick, free and easy...for more infos just visit them, You can shop online at www.lesbijouteries.com 
Anyway! I had a great experience! Don't hesitate to buy from this company. I look doing more business with them in the near future.
Hope you will like this post and remember to share what do you think with me :)

Shop this hoodie at www.lesbijouteries.com
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Grey And Blue

Hello everyone, thank you as always for clicking on another Abdelkhalekleblog post and happy Weekend! How are you? 
Today's outfit post sponsored by a new brand called Hicostum
I decided to wear this awesome simple look, grey sweatshirt with an arabic alphabet print! a blue zara jeans and a vintage shoes.
The simplicity is the absence and freedom from difficulty or hardship...

Anyway let me represent you the brand!!
It's a great online shopping store! I am very glad to share my experience here with you.
Customer Service is their priority.
HICustom has worked hard to achieve 97 per cent customer retention
More than 50 per cent of new business has been generated though customer referrals
HICustom is committed to developing and sustaining long-lasting business relationships
"On-Time Service Guarantee" - Seven business days standard, best in the industry
Unparalleled service to both large and small customers
They ship to all over the world! HICustom provides products at good prices. Items were shipped quickly, and packaged securely,
a full-service experience and will design and customize each order to client specifications
Their product selection is virtually endless with more than 100 colours of t-shirts
Join them [now] and design your own products

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